"Travis Richards Proves Time and time again that
his body is housing an incredible amount of talent
That needs to be seen and heard by the world."

-Tawmis Logue (Neverending Nights)


Creating new music through a combination of extensive musical training and technological expertise.

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Over seven years of training in music composition and experience through workshops, private instruction, and practical application.


Ten years of training in Music Theory and History through proper analysis is applied to new compositions.


A lifetime of learning and training in technology and working over five years in the technology industry is directly applicable to the modern composition process.

Listen to Snafe Composed


This was an exercise in dynamic growth.  The composition starts quiet and gradually grows dynamically to the end where the tension finally releases.

Island In the Sky

Composed after a trip to Canyonlands National Park and the thought of soaring over the majestic scenery around the city of Moab, Utah.

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