The music of Travis A. Richards

Some short samples of Travis' music.  Please contact for more complete examples and recordings.

Defragmentation A piece for three tiers of instruments.  The first tier, consisting of Flute, Oboe and Bassoon, is the brightest of the ensemble.  The second, which consists of French Horn, Euphonium and Tuba, is the darkest in the ensemble.  The final tier, consisting of Violin, Viola and Cello, is not as bright as the first, and not as dark as the second, making it a happy medium.  The piece starts off with each of the three tiers working on their own.  As the music unfolds, they slowly begin to work as one, just like defragmenting a computer’s hard drive, which is the process of moving similar saved data to the same physical location on the hard drive discs.

Leptonic Generations A lepton is an elementary particle that does not undergo strong reactions.  The best-known lepton is the electron, which determines the chemistry of an atom and is directly tied to the chemical properties.  There are six types of lepton organized into three generations:  electronic (electron and electronic neutrino), muonic (muon and muonic neutrino), and tauonic (tau and tauonic neutrino).  The organization of these three generations and their qualities was the inspirational driving force that determined the nature of this composition.  There are three ideas that are portrayed by the two differing voices of the piano and violin.

The MathematicianThis composition for string quartet is based on the idea of a Mathematician, or a Physicist, going throug the stages of working out a science or math problem.  It begins in Movement 1 with the mathematician struggling to find a Hypothesis.  This is displayed with a melody or idea gradually forming from the nebulous background of sound.  In the second movement, the Mathematician struggles to work on the problem and develop his hypothesis.  The Mathematician's struggles are concluded in the third of the movement where he develops and maintains the solution to his problem, known officially as the Quod Erat Demonstrandum.  The quick and light ideas relate to his thought processes.  In the end, the Mathematician finds and defends his solution.

ThresholdThis composition features a full range of raw emotional output displayed over several sections of the piece.  Being very cinematic in nature, Threshold portrays these with a traditional tonal sound that doesn't necessarily function in a traditional fashion.